The fast growing east end of Jefferson County, KY required additional finished water supply to maintain service pressure. In addition, the owner wanted to have the capacity to expand their service area into the western side of adjacent Shelby County, KY. The construction route was close to a major interstate. No blasting was allowed. Rock was present in most of the pipeline route below about 3 inches down.


Layne installed 28,500 ft of 36 inch steel water main. The pipe material was chosen based on economics and optimum laying length. Some of the largest hydraulic hammers in the US were used to deal with the prevalent rock formations.

Since the project was linear with limited right of way beside the interstate, multiple work zones were established to route trucking of pipe materials, bedding stone and waste rock excavation without conflicts. A complete cathodic protection system was installed to protect against corrosion.


  • Pipeline Construction
  • Water Main Construction