Layne is experienced in constructing water, wastewater and process pipeline systems.

Layne has installed over 10 million feet of pipe for all types of applications. We are experienced in all types of pipe materials and systems that deliver the water from the source to the plant and on to the end user. In addition to the clean water side of the business, Layne also has experience in constructing pipeline systems that handle the discharge end of the product. Interceptor sewers and sanitary pipelines play a key role in the full water cycle by enabling the used water to be transported to facilities for required treatment, prior to being discharged, utilized by others or otherwise disposed of.

Project managers and a full estimating team can also work with unique applications to develop special piping needs for process piping and cooling systems. The pipeline work can be seamlessly integrated with Layne intake, pump station and treatment capabilities to deliver a complete water system for the municipal, power or industrial customer.

Layne has the experience and expertise to meet your budget and schedule for the installation of deep, large diameter piping in rock or other difficult soil conditions. We also have the capability to design and install support systems and provide tunneling and marine installation as required.

Our pipeline projects are frequently constructed using Alternate Delivery methods like Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk and other related fields. Our extensive equipment fleet and ability to self-perform all of the work on a typical pipeline project, makes Layne the best value for your pipeline project.