In today's world, innovations in technology that affect energy usage and its relationship
to the environment are quickly becoming critical issues with serious implications affecting government policy and ultimately our future.

Given the demonstrated progression in these specialized fields, now is the time to begin the process of implementing responsible and efficient waste management strategies. To face this challenge, Layne and entec biogas gmbh from Fussach, Austria have teamed up to bring proven European biogas digester technology to North America with on the ground design and implementation by a full service nationally recognized contractor. The entec process is a recognized technology that will effectively treat organic waste and produce the maximum biogas output, reduction of solids, and a utilizable nutrient rich effluent.

Entec biogas offers five different Anaerobic Digester systems to ensure the most optimized process and highest biogas production yield for each application and project scale as well as digester agitators, safety devices, gas filters, biogas storage tanks and biological biogas scrubbers.