Layne's proficiency and experience maintaining, repairing, and rehabilitating water wells and water supply equipment is unmatched.

Layne's Christensen Pumps is one of the largest and oldest designers and manufacturers of turbine and submersible pumps. Our experience includes many of the major innovations in pump engineering and materials seen over the last 100 years. We combine this expertise and experience with the latest technology to provide you with a full-line of pump products and services from designing to manufacturing to repairing pumps.

Before prescribing any rehabilitation or repair plan, we diagnose the system to develop an informed, practical, and customized solution. Our ability to craft tailored solutions reflects our extensive service offerings, our variety of rehabilitation methods, our in-house repair shops, and our expertise.

DesignOur engineers are pump design specialists that have access to extensive research and testing facilities and the latest technology in computer assisted design. All of our products reflect the engineering design advances associated with top efficiencies and head generation.

Pattern ShopOur design engineers develop the specifications that guide our pattern shop technicians in the development of precision turbine pattern equipment. The result is consistent casting accuracy, close tolerances, and the quality needed to maintain water passage shape and pump efficiencies.

FoundriesWe further control the quality of our products by using our own foundries for the molding, core work, and Vitra-Glass enameling. These processes are closely monitored for tight-quality control.

Manufacturing Facilities Our modern manufacturing facilities assure dimensionally consistent, high-quality fully-machined parts. We produce our pumps on a volume basis to keep costs down.

Warehousing Our network of offices provides same-day service for pump delivery and repair.

Service We offer complete pump systems, replacement parts, and repair and rebuild services for turbine, submersible, and centrifugal pumps.

Service Offering:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Chemical & Mechanical Well Rehabilitation
  • Well Re-Screening, Re-Casing, & Re-Lining
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Well Development
  • Well Redevelopment
  • Video, Caliper, Electrical, & Gamma Ray Logging
  • Fishing Activities for Lost Pumps and Tools
  • Well & Booster Pump Repair
  • Water Treatment Equipment Repair
  • In-House Repair & Fabrication
  • Relevant Project Profiles
  • Increasing Specific Capacity Through Well Rehabilitation
  • Pump repair and well reconstruction saves money and increases production