As ONE Layne, we have a rich and diverse history dating back to 1882 when we began as a domestic water-well drilling company in South Dakota. From those humble roots, and over 130 years, we've evolved into a global Water Management, Construction and Drilling Company.

As we've grown, so has the diversity of our organization - and never more so than in the last 15 years, during which time we've acquired and integrated 48 unique companies into the Layne organization. With each stage of our growth, came new people, new processes and new thoughts that influenced our culture and helped make us the company we are today.

Despite the changes, there remained some common threads between all of the unique divisions, locations and functions that make up Layne. Most notably, at our core, is a long-standing theme of responsibility to our people, the environment, our company and clients, as well as a fundamental set of behaviors that guide us in our day-to-day quest to maximize the value of Layne over the long term.

It's our belief that a strong and unifying corporate culture is the cornerstone of our success. Living by our Core Values and beliefs has given us the foundation that we have built on to date. These values and beliefs define us as an organization - defining not only what we believe in, but how we do what we do, each and every day...and that make us distinctly ONE Layne.

We're the Responsible Growth Company.

Layne operates upon a philosophy of responsible growth that guides us in consistently doing the right thing for our people, the environment, our company and the clients we serve every day. We strive to leave the individuals and places we touch better off for their interaction with us, and our culture is embodied in our unwavering commitment to the four core values that define us:

SAFETY  Safety is a fundamental right of every person who works for, or interacts with Layne. It is an inherent part of our mindset, and is the most important factor in each decision we make.

SUSTAINABILITY  We operate in an environmentally conscientious and socially responsible manner, always focused on sustaining balance for the people and communities in which we work.

INTEGRITY  At every level of our organization and in every activity we engage in, Layne employees are honest, trustworthy and ethical.

EXCELLENCE  We aim for the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency and consistently strive to exceed our clients' expectations.