Our business is defined by what we do. Our results are defined by how we do it.

As a responsible growth company, our results reflect more than just numbers. They reflect a commitment to our philosophy of responsibility. Over the last 130 years, we have built an impressive list of achievements, all while we consistently do the right thing for our people, the environment, our company and clients we serve everyday.

Here are just a few of our impressive statistics built on our results over the last 130 years.

What success looks like:

  • Layne is the world leader in water wells. We have drilled nearly 1,000 wells in the past 5 years alone, with a combined pumping capacity of 1 million gallons per minute and a total depth of 167 miles.
  • In our 130 year history, we estimate we have successfully completed more than 50,000 water wells.
  • Layne and our affiliates have drilled more than 50 million meters searching for mineral resources around the globe, for more than 31,000 miles in depth.
  • Layne has completed 14 million feet of 4 - 90" Pipe with cured-in-place pipe liner.
  • Plan B worked! When other's failed, Layne's Plan B rescued 33 miners trapped underground in Chile.
  • We have constructed more than 1,000 treatment plants and installed more than 10 million feet of pipeline (this is a conservative estimate).