Demand for mineral services drilling is driven by the need to identify, define and develop underground base and precious mineral deposits. Aligned with our foreign affiliates, we are one of the three largest providers of drilling services for the global mineral services industry.

Global mining companies hire us to extract samples from their sites that they analyze for mineral content and grade before investing heavily in development to extract these minerals. Our drilling services require a high level of expertise and technical competence because the samples extracted must be free of contamination and accurately reflect the location and orientation of underlying mineral deposits.

Our Mineral Services Division conducts primarily above ground drilling activities, including all phases of core drilling, reverse circulation, dual tube, hammer and rotary air-blast methods. We operate in both Greenfields and Brownfields operations delivering an equally professional standard in all mined commodities. We help our clients determine if a minable mineral deposit exists on a site, the economic viability of mining the site and the geological properties of the ground which helps in the determination of mine planning.