As water experts we apply 130 years of water knowledge to solving the Oil & Gas Markets ever evolving water challenges.

We believe that ALL water is precious to ALL of our clients, so we take a consultative approach to gain full understanding of your unique water needs ­– delivering a customized, high quality, full-cycle water management solution – the ALLclear solution.

Our ALLclear solution is a unique, high quality, comprehensive water management solution that delivers value, reduces cost, and minimizes environmental impact.



  1. ALLclear™ REVEAL™ water sourcing services leverage Layne's local relationships to find adequate water supplies for drilling and fracturing projects.
  2. ALLclear™ RESOURCE™ water well drilling services deliver “fit-for-purpose” wells that reliably produce more water at a lower cost per barrel than minimum standard wells.
  3. ALLclear™ RESTORE™ water well work over and rehabilitation services maintain production and extend well life.
  4. ALLclear™ RELAY™ water transfer services safely and efficiently convey fresh, flowback, produced and recycled water using rugged TPU lay flat hose and high-volume pumps.
  5. ALLclear™ RETAIN™ water storage services include above ground storage tanks and in-ground impoundments to meet project requirements.
  6. ALLclear™ RESULTS™ well testing and flowback services contain water and hydrocarbons produced as the new well is being evaluated.
  7. ALLclear™ RENEW™ water recycling and reuse service treats flowback and produced water to deliver crystal clear brine for use in fracturing fluid, reducing the need for fresh water.

Because of our organizational knowledge, and the experienced people on our team, Layne's record is unmatched at providing practical solutions and creating value for every aspect of water management.

We create value for our clients in many ways, here are just a few:

  • Reduce the cost per barrel of the water you source and recycle for your hydraulic fracturing operations.
  • Safety is first, one of our core values and we're committed to safety in everything we do at every level.
  • As water experts, we listen first, taking a consultative approach on every project.
  • Provide risk mitigation through our our knowledge, capabilities and best practices for water management.
  • Provide guidance necessary to help you meet regulatory and permitting requirements.
  • A breadth and depth of resources to support projects of all sizes, including building water pipelines and related infrastructure.