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WATER RESOURCES - LayneRT Arsenic Removal

SWC's two existing wells had arsenic levels above the MCL of 10 μg/L; one... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Permian Basin Water Sourcing

Permian basin is the most active oil and gas producing area in the... More »

Mineral Services - Diamond Core Drilling

The area that the client (Konnoco, part of Vale) wants to explore and mine... More »

INLINER - Storm/Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Orange County, FL was experiencing 30% population growth in the 1990s, and... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Water Supply Planning to Address Water Quality and Quantity

The water supply challenges facing the City of Bloomington, Illinois, are... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Supplying Water to US Troops

As military assets were deployed in remote regions of Afghanistan, Forward... More »


The City discovered that carbon tetrachloride and other Volatile Organic... More »

River Road Collector Wells

O&G Industries, as the prime contractor for the construction of the Kleen... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Collector Well Yields under Varying Seasonal Conditions

Bismarck, North Dakota, was installing new collector wells along the... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Source-of-Supply Investigation in a Contaminated Aquifer

Layne conducted a regional groundwater study to investigate the ability of... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Injection Well

Layne was hired to drill a Class V Exploratory Well to obtain hydrologic... More »

Ranney Collector Wells

Louisville Water Company (LWC) is using Riverbank Filtration (RBF) along... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Increasing Specific Capacity Through Well Rehabilitation

The City of Rockford, Illinois, needed to rehabilitate 11 of its 15 base... More »

Mineral Services - Directional Drilling

Gold Slickline had previously been using shaft boring machines to complete... More »


Faced with aging infrastructure on vulnerable drainage culverts... More »

Hermosa Pipeline

 SITUATIONOperator desires to begin rapid long-term drilling program... More »

WATER RESOURCES - Membrane Aeration Removes Entrained Air

Many public water supplies have entrained air that causes the water to... More »

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