Older sections of Atlanta, like many cities, utilized sewers that combined storm and sanitary flows. During wet weather, flows exceeded the capacity of the sewer systems and/or the treatment plants. This caused sewage overflows into streams and rivers. Atlanta undertook a massive, complicated series of construction projects to install new sanitary sewers and convert the older storm/sanitary sewers to storm sewers only. In addition, many of the existing water service lines were the source of lead contamination and had to be replaced.


Layne constructed two projects for two older sections of Atlanta, the Greensferry drainage basin and the Stockade drainage basin, totalling over $181 million.  Over 161,000 feet of combined sewers were converted to storm sewers, and over 139,000 feet of new sanitary sewers were installed.  In conjunction with this work, 44,000 feet of water mains and service lines were replaced.  All storm sewer trapped inlets were converted to trapless inlets to better separate and control flow.

Extensive existing utilities and installation in the existing streets made traffic control and work zone safety planning paramount.  The linear nature of the project, and the restricted right-of-way width, required innovative techniques and specialized equipment to move materials to and from the work face.  Virtually the entire project was constructed inside trench shoring boxes for safety.

Services employed

  • Sewer Systems
  • Water Transmission and Distribution