This intake and pump station was designed to supply raw water from the Kentucky River Pool 3; the pump station site was 200 feet lower than the plant site on the river bank plateau and the intake level from the river pool was another 80 feet down in rock.


Layne worked with the design engineer to utilize our vertical and horizontal rock tunnel shaft expertise.  A vertical tunnel was constructed to form an intake wet well up to the first floor of the pump station.  A horizontal shaft was driven at the desired influent level at the bottom of the river pool.  Intake pipes and screens were installed in the river to intercept the horizontal intake tunnel.  The complete concrete and masonry construction pump station was constructed above the vertical intake shaft.  Pumps extended from the operating floor down into the intake wet well. The pump station infrastructure was designed to allow for future capacity of 30 MGD.

Services employed

  • Intake and Pump Station Construction
  • Tunnel and Shaft Construction
  • Marine Construction