This Design/Build project is part of the largest construction project in the US. This project takes up to 15 MGD of river water from the Kaskaskia River and delivers the water 15 miles to the Energy Campus located 60 miles Southeast of St. Louis, MO.


Pumphouse & Intake - Layne designed and constructed a 45 foot deep internally braced sheeted structure to allow construction of the pump station up to the base slab level. The 300 foot, 42 inch intake pipeline also required extensive sheeting.

River Water Pipeline - Parallel supply and discharge pipelines bring the water to the Energy Campus and return discharge water to the river. Layne furnished and installed the following with all associated appurtenances:

  • 36 inch DI PC 250 74,600/LF
  • 12 inch DI PC 350 74,600/LF
  • 48 inch Cased Bores 1,075/LF
  • 24 inch Cased Bores 1,075/LF
  • 36 inch & 12 inch Creek Crossing 1,280 LF

Services employed

  • Pump Station
  • Intake
  • Pipeline