Orange County, FL was experiencing 30% population growth in the 1990s, and with that growth came a large increase in new infrastructure that the County was required to maintain. The County realized that to maintain this growing infrastructure inventory, the older infrastructure needed to be inspected and defects repaired. The County established both traditional open-cut and trenchless indefinite quantity unit price construction contracts to provide infrastructure inspection services and a contracting mechanism for repairs to be completed as infrastructure inspections are completed.


To meet the client needs of infrastructure repair, Layne Inliner has rehabilitated more than 450,000 LF of 8 inch to 84 inch sanitary and storm sewers utilizing CIPP. The project(s) involved sewer cleaning, pre and post CCTV inspection, dewatering, by-pass pumping and manhole structure rehabilitation utilizing the Raven Lining System.

Services employed

  • Sanitary/Storm Sewer Cleaning/CCTV Inspection
  • Cured-In-Place Pipe Rehabilitation; Inliner® Product
  • Manhole Rehabilitation – Raven Lining System