As military assets were deployed in remote regions of Afghanistan, Forward Operating Bases were established to stage equipment and manpower in support of US Military objectives. Water for human consumption and for construction was at a premium.

Our challenge was to provide two complete drilling operations very quickly that could operate in highly variable subsurface conditions. The agreement between the US and Afghanistan governments required that the wells be drilled to 1,500 feet in highly variable conditions. Therefore, we had to be prepared to drill in unconsolidated sand, gravel, cobbles, boulders, clay, shale, and hard rock formations.


We mobilized two Atlas Copco RD20 III drilling units and all necessary support to drill casing advanced holes up to 20 inches in diameter. Each rig was equipped to be self-supporting with spare parts, mud pumps, containerized mud systems, compressors, grout pumps, geophysical logging units, well development tooling, and pumping equipment.

Layne's crews included volunteers from all over the US who were responsible for the successful drilling and installation of these wells at a number of bases. They recorded zero safety incidents for the entire duration of this project. The end result was a fully functioning water system that will be used by international forces and will remain as infrastructure for the Afghan people.


  • Water Supply
  • Well Construction
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Remote Area