Growth in the Eastern Cincinnati area, stringent tertiary treatment standards, high BOD loading and wide ranging flow conditions prompted this multi-faceted treatment plant upgrade to 50 MGD capacity.


Layne constructed the following significant process components:

  • Raw Sewage Pumping Station
  • New Preliminary Treatment and Grit Removal facility
  • Renovated Sludge Handling Facility
  • Enhanced Aeration Facility
  • Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment Structures
  • Biological Odor Control Facility
  • UV Disinfection & Effluent Pumping Facility
  • Replacement of Sludge Storage tank dome covers

Layne worked with the owner's operations staff and the engineer to construct the new facilities within and around the existing facilities. This was a very tight site for the plant size; extra emphasis was placed on sequencing. Temporary bypass pumping systems were required in five critical places at various phases of the project.

Services employed

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction
  • Pump Station Construction
  • Pipeline Construction