Numerous process changes had to be made to meet the new biological nutrient removal treatment standards for this water reclamation facility in a coastal tributary sensitive ecosystem. The changes in process had to be designed and constructed over and around the existing facilities without causing massive shutdowns since the facility runs at full capacity.


Layne worked with the owner's operations staff and the engineer to construct the new facilities while maintaining process treatment in the existing process train. Extensive coordination and safety planning was required for work over and around existing structures.

Layne performed all work including mechanical modifications to existing yard piping, mechanical and electrical modification to existing screening structures, structural rehab and modification to existing splitter box No. 1, primary clarifier effluent box and existing splitter box No. 2.

This project also included construction of Primary Clarifier 3, Primary Sludge Pump Station, Odor Control Systems No. 2 and 3, and a new RAS metering station.  Extensive structural, mechanical and electrical modifications to existing aeration basins were completed to meet all specifications. Mechanical and electrical modifications to the blower building and to a secondary clarifier building were accomplished as well as structural modifications to existing Splitter Box No. 3.  Additionally, we upgraded control systems by replacement of all existing PLCs.
Layne successfully completed this project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Services employed

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction
  • Pipeline Construction