Prevailing regional drought and population growth created the need to have a dependable reservoir with large capacity.Also, it was critical to be able to meter water from all levels vertically to deal with wet and dry reservoir levels.


Heavy Civil, in a joint venture with Beers Skanska, constructed this $66 million reservoir and plant upgrade. This project involved a large reservoir addition and corresponding plant upgrades to improve the process. Included in the scope of work is the construction of a new 580 MG Raw Water storage reservoir, new large diameter RW conveyance pipelines, multi-story intake and metering structures, pump station and various plant improvements for redundancy and reliability. Project specifics include:

  • 7,400+LF of 54-inch Ductile Iron Pipe
  • 3,200+LF of 84-inch Steel Pipe
  • 500+LF of 84-inch PCCP
  • Excavation and placement on-site of 940,000+ CY of controlled density fill
  • Drill, shoot, excavate, process and placement of 220,000+ CY of rock
  • Excavation, transport and disposal of 2,400,000+ CY of excess materials

Services Employed

  • Reservoirs
  • Water Treatment Plant Construction