Our most widely used solution is our proprietary Inliner® cured-in-place pipe. CIPP is a proven, cost effective solution to problems normally associated with leaking or deteriorated pipelines, and its trenchless installation minimizes or eliminates the inconveniences caused by surface, roadway and private property excavations. Its installation is relatively simple to follow.

After first determining exact pipe diameters and condition, the required CIPP thickness is calculated so a liner tube can be ordered and manufactured. This tube is designed as a fully structural pipe or to serve as an interior infiltration barrier only.

Once delivered, and after thorough pipe cleaning, the resin impregnated tube is installed using one of two methods; either direct inversion (ASTM F1216) or pulled in place (ASTM F1743). Curing begins after the liner is in place and this process can be achieved utilizing hot water, steam, or ultraviolet light system.

Following heat cure and the subsequent liner cool down, customer laterals are reinstated from the inside of the pipe and the pipeline is placed back into active service.

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