Vibro Compaction and Vibro Stone Columns, are the most common vibratory ground improvement technologies, and remain economical solutions for foundation stabilization.

Vibro Compaction is a deep compaction technique for densifying sandy soils in place, by means of an electrical vibrating probe. Under the influence of vibration, loose sand particles are rearranged into a more compact state to achieve a higher relative density. The improved subsoils will enhance load bearing capacity and reduce impacts associated with ground settlement. In areas with seismic activity, vibro-compaction also decreases the potential for liquefaction.

Vibro Stone Columns are installed by adding crushed stone as a backfill during the vibratory ground improvement process. Stone backfill is introduced from ground surface for the wet top feed stone column installation method. Stone backfill is delivered through a separate duct along side the vibroprobe for dry bottom feed stone columns. The stone column also can serve as a vertical drain, thus reducing excess pore pressure buildup caused by rapid shear loading or earthquakes, making the subsoil less likely to liquefy during a seismic event.