Layne's knowledge and experience is virtually unsurpassed in the application of the dual-wall reverse circulation method of drilling, for specialized needs in Mineral Services.

The dual wall reverse circulation system uses flush-jointed drill pipe and a drill bit sub designed to fit snugly over the body of the drill bit. This unique design permits the borehole to be cut with a minimum of clearance and so lessens the possibility of sample contamination. The configuration also minimizes the loss of air or misting in vuggy or fractured formations and will maximize the geological sample recovery in adverse conditions; conditions that are nearly impossible for rotary or diamond drills.

Dual Wall Reverse Circulation Rotary Strengths:

  • Uncontaminated sampling
  • Faster penetration
  • Lower operating costs
  • No surface casing
  • No lost circulation
  • In-place water sampling
  • Improved well design