Pipeline Cleaning and Televising

Routine cleaning and televising can improve the maintainability of sewer systems and allow for preventive solutions rather than reactive ones. Layne Inliner has significant internal resources capable of performing this evaluation work. Jet trucks, vacuum trucks and televising units utilizing the latest closed circuit televising (CCTV) equipment available are all part of the Layne Inliner service inventory.

Traditional Open Cut and Excavation

Unlike most other trenchless rehabilitation companies, Layne has extensive in-house resources that perform traditional excavation tasks sometimes associated with system renewal projects. This might include manhole replacement, new line installations, open cut service connections or major point repairs. Our customers are able to take advantage of this single source accountability to recognize quality work and project cost savings.


Layne is fully equipped to spearhead any sliplining projects. The sliplining process, also known as insertion method, consists of sliding a smaller diameter pipe liner, typically HDPE or fiberglass, into the existing pipeline, grouting the annular space and then re-establishing the service connections to the new liner. Since flows can be maintained during this method, it is often utilized in larger diameter pipelines where bypass flows might be excessive.