Founded in 1882, Layne has over a century of experience in the drilling industry in water wells, production and Mineral Services.

Water supply solutions for government agencies, industry and agriculture require the integration of hydrogeology and engineering with proven knowledge and application of drilling techniques. The drilling methods, size and type of equipment required depend upon the depth of the wells and the geological formations encountered at the project site. We have extensive well archives in addition to technical personnel who can determine geological conditions and aquifer characteristics. We provide feasibility studies using complex geophysical survey methods and have the expertise to analyze the survey results and define the source, depth and magnitude of an aquifer. We can estimate recharge rates, recommend well design features, plan well field design and develop water management plans. To conduct these services, we maintain a staff of professional employees including geological engineers, geologists, hydro geologists and geophysicists. These attributes enable us to locate suitable water-bearing formations to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

We specialize in drilling high-volume water wells for municipal, industrial and agricultural customers. These high-volume wells, by necessity, have more stringent design specifications than residential or agricultural wells and are typically deeper and larger in diameter. We have strong technical expertise, an in-depth knowledge of U.S. geology and hydrology, a well-maintained fleet of appropriately sized, modern drilling equipment and a demonstrated ability to procure the sizable performance bonds often required for water related projects.

With over 1,400 rigs across the US, our specialty drilling division solves your difficult problems by gaining a complete understanding of your needs and project goals and then tailoring a solution that fits your budget and schedule. With our knowledge and experience combined with the industry's most comprehensive drilling methods, we identify the best approach to your specific project needs.