Layne specializes in conducting hydrogeological investigations that range from evaluating existing data to extensive field testing to complex groundwater flow modeling to evaluations of existing installations.
Our investigations are used to evaluate the feasibility of potential sources, determine sustainable withdrawals, design source water systems, and evaluate impacts. We have special expertise conducting investigations regarding induced infiltration for riverbank filtration of filtered seawater.
Our highly-skilled engineers and hydrologists have completed aquifer tests and developed groundwater flow models for hydrologic systems across the United States. We deliver objective and accurate technical analysis that is based on field experience coupled with a clear understanding of theory. We perform hydrogeological investigations and modeling for water supply development, to meet regulatory requirements, and for water supply planning. In addition, Layne has comprehensive technical skills in the areas of surface water hydrology, water quality sampling and analysis, and engineering.
Layne's hydrogeologic investigation capabilities and services include:
  • Groundwater asset management
  • Conjunctive use
  • Aquifer testing
  • Water quality sampling and analysis
  • Exploratory drilling
  • Geophysics
  • Impact assessment
  • Aquifer recharge analysis