Water is vital to virtually every industry, making it crucial that water systems are kept running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Armed with expertise and industry leading technologies, Layne has resolved water problems and installed thousands of systems throughout North America and around the globe, delivering on its commitment as a world leader in water supply and treatment.

Recent introductions of cutting edge industrial water treatment equipment provide solutions for a wide range of challenging applications: 

  • Contaminant removal affecting scaling, clarity, odor, salt content, solids, organics and turbidity
    -Treatment Solutions: Ion Exchange*, LayneOx, Dowex Upcore, Softening*, Activated Carbon*, Membrane Filtration
  • Removal of organic compounds and dissolved gases
    -Treatment Solutions: Activated Carbon*, Air Strippers and Aeration,     Gas Transfer Membrane 
  • Pre-treatment conditions for chemical additives, pre-feed water
    -Treatment Solutions: Ion Exchange*, Membrane Filtration
  • Ultra-pure water requirements
    -Treatment Solution: NF and RO Membrane Filtration
  • Biological wastewater treatment
    - Treatment Solutions: Package Wastewater Treatment Plants, Layne PTFE Membrane 
* See Pressure Filtration
Industrial Treatment Solutions & Services