Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide can pose aesthetic problems for consumers and system performance problems for process water users.

Most groundwater contains some iron and manganese which naturally leaches from rocks and soils. Excess amounts in drinking water can cause discoloration, rusty-brown stains or black specks on fixtures and laundry, as well as affect the taste of beverages and can build up deposits in pipes, heaters or pressure tanks.

Conventional removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide has typically been accomplished by oxidation followed by filtration through a sand/anthracite media or by a combination of medias, some of which have the ability to accelerate the oxidation of the contaminants.

LayneOx enhances the kinetics of the removal process by serving as a catalyst in the presence of a pre-oxidant such as chlorine to effect contaminant reductions to well below the secondary MCL utilizing surface adsorption of the primary removal mechanism.