Layne provides water management services that help ensure uninterrupted supplies, avoiding competition with neighboring municipal and industrial consumers for available resources.

Many companies trust all of their water management needs to the experts at Layne. Relying on a collection of individual suppliers, each providing a piece of the water management puzzle is no longer an adequate response to today's complex water challenges. Layne is an industry leader, and is capable of offering integrated water management solutions for your entire operation.

Our experienced team is capable of locating reliable water sources, drilling, transmitting, treating, blending water for reuse, and wastewater disposal. This is particularly important because oil and gas reserves cannot be accessed without first planning for the handling of contaminant-laden flow-back and produced water. Through internal research and development, acquisition and strategic alliances, we have established a comprehensive and portable filtration/evaporation system that provides a zero-liquid discharge solution, enabling responsible development of energy resources. Layne is truly your single source solution for all your water management needs.

Layne is currently operating in multiple shale plays providing services focused entirely on best management practices and cost effective solutions based on each client's unique water management needs.

Our Water Management Solutions:

  • Water Transfer Solutions
  • Frac Water Treatment and Blending for Reuse
  • Field and Lab Testing Services
  • Pit Dewatering
  • Proprietary Filtration
  • Produced Water Disposal Solutions
  • Production Testing and Flowback Services

Service offering:

  • Water Sourcing and Supply
  • Water Transfer
  • Water Storage
  • Frac, Flowback, & Produced Water Treatment
  • Water Disposal