Sustainable use of our water resources is a priority for utilities and industry to extend the life of existing supplies and continue to produce high quality water.

The Layne team helps our clients evaluate entire well fields and water systems to increase reliability and efficiency. We have the knowledge and experience to analyze your raw water source and to make practical recommendations for optimizing your pumping schedule and water withdrawals. We provide expertise and innovation in natural and built infrastructure modeling, water supply development, system maintenance and rehabilitation, and data monitoring and analysis.

Optimization of well field operations can minimize treatment costs and determine the most efficient, cost effective way to produce and deliver high quality drinking water. Groundwater well fields can be plagued with water quality and/or water quantity issues. Operators often invest large amounts of money to remedy these problems, but Layne has found that sometimes these difficulties can be overcome through operational techniques. By analyzing well information through either groundwater models and/or statistical models, Layne can make recommendations about how a well field should be operated to maximize its capacity or minimize water quality issues. Well field optimization can provide a low-cost alternative to well field expansion and/or well replacement.

Service Offering:

  • Survey & Analysis of Existing System
  • Natural & Built Infrastructure Analysis
  • Forecast Future Conditions
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Monitoring & Analysis of Raw Water Source