Layne Water Midstream is committed to building and operating environmentally friendly end to end water systems covering all aspects of water in the oilfield. From sourcing to reuse, we have solutions to meet your water challenges. 
With over 135 years water well drilling experience and 50,000+ wells drilled, we know how to find and responsibly produce water. When operators and municipalities are in a bind, they call on Layne to find the water quality and volumes they need.
Bigger fracs. Longer laterals. Now more than ever, transporting frac, flowback and produced water affordably is the crux for an economic well. Building single party gathering and transportation systems, can ruin the prospects of an entire field. Layne Water Midstream is partnering with producers to develop shared third party water systems that reduce costs and minimize waste. Let us focus on the water sourcing, gathering and disposal, you focus on your completion and production.
More production brings more produced water. Layne Water Midstream offers third party transportation and disposal solutions that not only allows the sharing of infrastructure but also allows operators to convert capex to opex.
Treatment, recycle and reuse are the future of water management in the oilfield. At Layne Water Midstream, we are leveraging years of water treatment knowledge to develop affordable solutions to meet operator’s needs.