Since developing the first concept of packed column air strippers for the removal of contaminants over 50 years ago, Layne has remained committed to providing high-quality Air Stripper Tower System services. 
As recently as 2016 it was reported that during a regularly scheduled government inspection, a malfunctioning air stripper ran for more than four (4) years before being discovered by the EPA. The company was fined $6.87 million dollars for failing to remove and treat contaminated ground water, proving that routine service and maintenance is key to ensuring you are meeting the compliance standards for your operations. 
Meeting Compliance Standards is Crucial
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic chemical compounds with significant vapor pressures and can affect the environment and human health. Exposure to VOCs and dissolved gases in water presents a long list of significant health risks and can affect pH levels in water. In response to this issue, the USEPA has imposed strict maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) to assure public safety. Air Stripper Tower Systems are also designed to effectively treat dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), radon and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). 
Service and Maintenance Programs Customized for Your Needs
Just as each Air Stripper Tower is designed to treat a variety of VOCs, Layne's service and maintenance programs have also been developed to address your specific system's operations.  Our team provides a thorough evaluation of each air stripper tower system component to ensure that every integral aspect of the operation has been assessed. 
Once the inspection has been completed, our team provides a summary report with information about the system and equipment performance, as well as our recommendations for system improvements and/or repairs, as needed. To be sent a copy of the sample report, please select the "View a Sample..." button, to the right.  

The Best Service and Maintenance Programs from the Industry Leader

Layne is the largest manufacturer of air stripping towers for potable water use, with over 400 installations throughout the U.S. Our service and maintenance team is equipped to support your tower, regardless of manufacturer.

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