Since 1986, the Layne owned Inliner® cured in place pipe (CIPP) product has been used all over the world to protect, seal and renew over 35 million feet of sanitary, storm and industrial process piping. The benefits of utilizing this trenchless pipe renewal system are numerous but all hinge around being able to quickly and cost-effectively renew deteriorated infrastructure with minimal social and surface disruption.

The Inliner® CIPP method of lining is the foundation of our success and is one of the most versatile methods available for pipe renewal. It is the only technology that can span a size range of 4 to 120 inches in diameter; renew pipes with bends, diameter changes or non-circular geometries
(i.e. egg-shaped and elliptical) and be used in both gravity and low pressure applications.

The CIPP liners can be installed in contiguous segments of several thousand feet by accessing existing manhole structures. Eliminating the need for excavations and pipe replacement can lead to cost savings of up to 40 or 50 percent, contributing to a considerable decrease in the overall cost of maintaining a piping system.

The CIPP product itself consists of a soft, flexible felt or felt composite tube that is impregnated with a thermoset resin. It is then installed via inversion or pull-in place methods and cured by application of heat. The installation and curing processes can successfully occur with either water or air. Inliner® material is currently specified to a minimum 50-year design life but advances in resin technology and accelerated testing indicate that life expectancy may be much longer.

As a major supplier in to the North American market, Layne owned Inliner Technologies understands the importance of dependability, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in offering users of our systems the best of all three areas. Our network of trained and licensed contractors of which our internal Layne Inliner is the largest, allows us to offer competitive pricing with short lead times. We enhance that that with sound technical support and assistance. Our values show in everything we do: dependable quality, excellent service, and competitive pricing.

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